*Bernie Lindo and Michael Sciacca
2 *Vince Butera and Jeff Bower 11-14
3 *John Roche and Alvin Walters 10-2
4 *Mike Kloku s (fished alone) 9-15
5 *Jack Saullo and Matt Brooks 9-13
6 *Howard Parker and Darrell Barrett 9-8
7 **Anthony Lubischer and Emmett Idzahl 9-7
8 **Bryan Gudd and John Heyden 9
8 **Joe Appaluccio and Dennis Cumiskey 9
10 **Jim Hallihan and John Ernest 8-13
11 **Bob Gilbert and Kirk Gilbert 8-10
12 Bob Cicchetto and Elliott Liardo 8-7
13 Terry Eckel and Renato Santos 8-3
13 Frank Scerbo and Mike Maguire 8-3
15 Mike Kloss and Lance Cahoon 8-1
16 Nick Albano and John Hart 7-15
16 John Glaser and Craig “Cubby” Mitchell 7-15
18 Andy Karcich and Bob Demler 7-11
19 Dave Ward and Vinnie Farrell 7-7
20 Rich Kalanz and Joe Benevenia 7-6
21 Bill Garbinskey and Jim Logan 7-1
22 Billy Kaninisher and Mike Avery 6-12
23 Al Sorg and Joe Radoncine 6-8
24 Eric Lehmann and Robert Diani DNW
24 Norm Izzi and Pete Planer DNW
Clarence Hollenbeck and Al Pallavicini
Total 26 Boats Limits 19
Total Fish 111 Released Alive 108 (97.3%)
Lunker: Bryan Rudd and John Heyden 4-8
*Six cash pay outs
**Five Tackle Packs c/o Bates Tackle (Bergen will mail them out
to those who left early)

Weather: Warm & humid with sporatic showers and thunderstorms
Water temp: 77 to 80 degrees

Nick Albano took a poll and it was determined that the 2005 Bergen Open Tournament will be held on Greenwood Lake. John Williams and Bill Vella, who did not fish, did an outstanding job in helping to run the tournament. Our prospective member, John Heyden did a great job with boat checks! Sincere thanks to all our Bergen contestants and volunteer workers! Nick Albano