Bergen on the mighty Hudson River

       Fishing on the Hudson River in October can be awesome, but fishing in October also can be affected by any number of hurricanes coming up the coast.  For the second year in a row we had to postpone the last tournament of the season, eight days of rain and a forecast for high winds lead the tournament committee to use the  makeup date.  The following week the water has high, muddy and 10 degrees cooler, but fishable.  As usual even in the toughest conditions somebody always catches fish, but 18 anglers were only able to bring in 13 fish and over half the field skunked. 

       John Giordano wins his first tournament and wraps up non-boater of the year bringing in three quality fish.  John was fishing a chartreuse spinnerbait concentrating on wood cover up North.  His fish started hitting when the tide turned.  His first fish came off an underwater barge while tapping the wood with his spinnerbait, the 4lb. 15oz. bass was also the lunker for the day.   The second fish came off a blowdown and his third came in a break in the bulkhead, all on the spinnerbait.  John’s three fish weighed 12.06oz., more than two times the nearest weight.

Mark Scocco finished second with two fish.  Mark and his partner both prefished and had success in the same areas.  Marks plan was to rotate three or four spots fishing them at different times and tides.  The first fish of the day a smallmouth caught tight to concrete abutment with a spinnerbait and a four lb. Largemouth was caught with a weighted senko around rip-rap near deep water.  Marks total; weight was 4.13oz...

         Andy Karcich took third place with two smallmouth weighing 4.05oz...  He caught both fish off the same point but at different times, both late in the day and about an hour apart. Andy was using a chartruses with blue back Bandit crankbait bumping the rocks down about 4-8 foot of water.        

Steve Rusert went out to try to repeat the success he had prefishing on the Hudson River.  After throwing crankbaits and spinnerbaits during the tournament with nothing to show, he decided he had to slow down.  He tried a senko but the current was too much so he picked up a jig.  It was the right choice at the right time and produced a 3.04oz. Largemouth that was holding near a blowdown.  That single fish on that one cast was enough to place fourth in the tournament.

Bill Vella needed fish to wrap up angler of the year, and this was going to be a tough tournament under tough conditions to do so.   Bill did his homework on the computer and got some tips that helped him catch his fish.  By ripping a red speed shad parallel to Catskill Point he caught his first fish, a smallmouth.  A largemouth hit his crankbait [Bomber Fat-A] while doing the same thing a little north of the bridge.  Bill stuck to his game plan by fishing only three spots all day, hitting them multiple times throughout the day. Bills catch was enough for 5th place and also enough for the angler of the year, congratulations Bill!

Kirk Stober

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