Twin Lakes in Connecticut was the clubs second stop on the Bergen’s trail and the fishing was going to be tough again. It was windy most of the day with clouds blowing in and out. The water on East Twin was between 55-59 degrees and the waster was about 3-5 degrees warmer on West Twin Lakes. Lots of fish were seen shallow but with Twin lakes clear water bass were tough to catch. No limits were brought in.


“Slow as you go” Eric Lehmann earns another win for himself by being patient, making long casts and fishing slow. Eric wanted to start the tournament fishing a rock pile where he saw a nice bass swimming around while pre-fishing. Eric was boat 15 and people were already fishing the area, so he fished near by until the other boats moved out. By making long casts with a red senko, Eric caught his first fish off the rock pile, which turned out to be a 3.05 lb tournament linker. During the next few hours of working jerkbaits, crankbates, and senkos with no success he decided it was time to make a change, Eric went behind the point to get out of the wind and caught two more bass using 4” black power worms. Eric spotted a bedding bass with time running out and caught the fish with only 2 minutes left using the power worm. Back at the scales Eric won with four largemouth weighing 8.11 lbs.


John hart was only one ounce shy of the leader with four largemouth weighing 8.10 lbs. John spent the morning fishing spinner baits, senkos and brush hogs with little success. A move across the lake paid off when he got his first keeper on a black-silver fleck senko around some large rocks in about six feet of water. John caught two more fish on consecutive cast to a similar looking rock near by. His fourth fish came off the same rock he caught his first fish on. John wanted to try one more spot to get his limit fish but that didn’t happen, “I think if I stayed out I could have gotten my limit fish and would have won the tournament”.


Rich Gerken took 3rd place using his own homemade jigs and fishing the same areas he has had success in the past. Rich looked for milfoil in about 4’ of water and worked the pockets and holes with his confidence bait. Rich used a black jig with a green pumpkin Zoom super chunk as a trailer to catch three fish right off the bat on the weedy flat. Now bursting with confidence he went on to fish the rest of the day without landing another fish. All three fish came in one small area and caught them in a short period of time. Rich said “I lost a nice fish later in the day that would have given me victory”.


Andy Karchich, who didn’t get a chance to pre-fish, would not catch his first fish until about 11:30. He caught the fish on a green pumpkin tube in about 5’-6’ of water. It wasn’t until 1:00 that he caught his other fish. Fishing shallow with a watermelon senko Andy caught one fish off a bed and two more that were cruzing in about 2’ of water. Andy said he got his fish when there was no wind and it was calm. His four fish weighed 6 lbs even.


Steve Rusert saw lots of fish shallow while pre-fishing, but like most he had a hard time with the spooky fish. The problem was with the long cast his senko would move away too much when he would try to shake it. He solved the problem by fishing the senko 12” below a bobber so the senko would suspend and stay in the zone longer. But that problem was replaced by another one, he kept loosing fish six in all. Steve managed to get two fish in the live well when the increased fishing pressure made him decide to go over to the West Twin where he picked up two more. His four fish equaled Andy’s weight of 6.00 LBS to give them a tie for fourth place.


Stacy Zhelesnik caught a 3.01 lbs, Largemouth to win the observers lunker.


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