Copake interveiw

PVW wins his second tournament of the year once again by thowing his confident bait, a spinnerbait, and sticking to it all day long.  Pat went to a spot that he had done well on in the past and ended up staying in the area most of the day.  Although he caught a small keeper on a zara spook first thing in the morning he caught most of his fish on a white spinnerbait with gold blades.  Pat started the morning fishing shallow weeds and gradually worked deeper though out the day.  By catching between 20 to 25 keepers Pat was able to cull up to his winning weight of 12.11 lbs.

Robert Burton had his best finish ever taking second place with an impresive weight of 12.04 lbs.  The first fish of the day was caught on a 4' black power worm, a small keeper that would eventually die in the livewell not letting him cull the dead fish. Robert switched to a top water, a sammy, and caught between 11 and 12 keepers the rest of the day. He fished the sammy very slow letting the lure sit for long periods of time between twitching the bait and thats the only way he could get the fish to hit.  Robert credits his partner John Haydenfor putting him on the fish "we stayed in the same area all day and I never lost a fish, I had a great day I was thrilled to place".  If not for the dead fish he might of had his first victory!

Alvin Walters continues to do well by placeing third with 1 smallmouth and 4 largemouth weighing in at 10.14 lbs. Alvin was keying in on holes in deeper weeds in 6-8 feet of water.  A 4' black power worm was all he needed to get his limit and was able to cull out two more fish to help his weight. All his fish came in the deeper weeds except for his one smallmouth that was caught away from the weeds on a flat.

Mark Scocco finished fourth weighing in a 10.06 lb. limit of largemouth.  Although Mark caught about 12 keepers for the day things started out slow  with only one small keeper in the boat .  But Marks partner already had 3 or 4 fish on a white Zu Lu finess bait, so Make switched to the same bait and had his limit by 9:00 AM .  Some of his fish came on a senko but most came by fishing weed clumps with the Zoo Loo in 4' of water or less.

Steve Rusert brought in 10.02 lbs. of fish and was good enough to place fifth in the tournament.  Steve stayed close to the ramp area fishing a spot just left of the launch and a spot just a little to the right of the launch.  After catching two small keepers on a sammy in the morning Steve switched over to a senko and started catching better fish.  "I did move once to another part of the lake but did'nt get any bites so I went back to my two morning spots."  By using black/silver fleck and blue pearl hologram senkos in the weeds in 3'-8' of water he was able to cull up to his fifth place weight.

Lunker was a 4.14 lb. largemouth caught by Alvin Walters adnd the obs. lunker was 1.08 lb. caught by Stacy Z.

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