Shickman Shines at Greenwood

(but doesnt SKUNK)
     July 22nd brought the Bergen Bassmasters to Greenwood Lake. The tounament hours were from a very early 3:30 am to 1130 am. The weather was nice with air temps in the high 70"s to low 80"s, and a calm to slight wind.

      I knew this would be a tough tournament for me because I suck at night fishing, but it apparantly was a tough tourney for alot of our club anglers.

      There was only six limits caught along with  four skunks. (not to be confused with limits containing skunks, this is referring to four anglers who skunked! meaning anglers who did not catch fish!!)

     SOMEONE GOT A CAN OF WHOOP ASS but we wont go there right now.

     Eddie Schickman managed to put it all together and obtain his first club win EVER!Making all of us fellow club members extremely proud and happy for him! Eddie weighed in five Bass (no skunks) with a total weight of 9lbs 10ounces. Eddie had caught his limit by 8:00am to go on later to cull out three of his smaller bass. Eddies weapon of choice was a 5 inch Sennko in watermelon and green pumpkin. Eddie chose to stay a bit further off the shore line, casting to 8-12 ft of water. On a sad note, Eddie also lost 3 good bass while fishing a weed bed. (maybe this explains the reason 4 of us skunked, Eddie had already caught them all and they were onto us). Eddie fished with John Hart who came in third. Eddie and John fished the west shoreline from  near the blastoff south down to the beach area.

      Nick Albano took second honors. Nick weighed in five bass (no skunks) with a total weight of 9lbs 3 ounces.  Nick caught his bigger fish early while it was still dark on black spinner baits. He obvioulsy switched over to crank baits and senkos because he caught the rest of his fish on these baits and culled 2 fish. He caught these on the west shoreline. (But not near Eddie and John).

     Now back to John Hart who took the aforementioned 3rd place honors. Let me now mention John is having a stellar year. We knew he had it in him, but this year he is prooving himself to be a fierce competitor. But he had a great mentor, HIS DAD, who probably passed on to John a lot of his experience and knowledge. Something else that makes fishing such a wonderful sport the ability of its timelessness. John finished the tournament with a total weight of 8lbs 11 ounces. Fish were caught on 5 inch senkos, (just ahead of my boat)

     Fourth place honors goes to Steve Russert who weighed in 8lbs 5 ounces. Steve could not be reached for comment, but I am pretty sure he fished senkos also. This is one of Steves favorite lakes and although 4th may be somewhat of an upset to him because victory was in his sights, its a damn good win for such a tough tournament.

     Fifth place goes to Jason. Jason weighed in 8lbs 1 ounce, another great catch for such a difficult tournement.  UMMM I think he said he fished senknos on the south end of the lake near fox island. He also caught most of his fish later on in the day. My apologies if this information isnt totally accurate, because we spoke awhile ago and I ummm forgot what he said. I do know however he did not catch a skunk! 

   Congratulations to all our winners!

Eric with help from Terri PS I take no claim to any of the skunk jokes. Terri is on a skunk kick. 

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