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Buddy Tournament

Susquhanna Flats
April 14th 2007

Although the fishing was tough, 8 participants showed up for Bergen’s first buddy tournament of the season. Despite excellent weather, water temps started off at an incredibly cold 46 degrees. The bass action was tough and only 3 keepers were weighed in.

Pat Van Wettering continues his Flats dominance with a 3.3/4 pound largemouth, caught on a crankbait. John Williams nailed a 3.1/2 pounder on a white spinnerbait. Andy Karcich nailed a 3 pounder. I caught two 14 inchers on jerkbaits and one of these bass returned the favor by tagging me with two treble hooks in my right hand. One deeply embedded hook had to be pushed through and out.

John Williams and I remind all Bergenites to be sure to maintain a quality cutting pliers in your tackle box or boat. Given the dirty water conditions, I stopped at an emergency room for a tetanus shot. Hayden and Kris Lechman, Pat and Terry Eckel and John Williams and I drove down Friday night. Andy and his cousin, Dave Error, drove down Saturday morning.

Even with the scarce bassin action, it was good to get out with the guys and to check out the boat and equipment. The weather was perfect from start to finish. The wind was light and the temps rose into the 60’s, and this place does hold monster bass. Pat talked to a local tournament guy who had a limit of 4 to 6 pounders!

Nick Albano