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Great Sacandaga Tournament
June 16, 2007

Bergen’s 3rd tournament of the 2007 Trail took place on the Great Sacandaga Lake.  With bluebird skies and a slight breeze coming out of the north in the morning and out of the south in the afternoon the club was treated to one of the nicest fishing days of the year.  Proving the old saying “When you’re hot, you’re hot” Andy “The Ice Cream Man” Karcich continued his movement up the AOY ladder by delivering a 1st place finish.  This came hard on the heels of his 3rd place finish on Lilli and propelled him into 2nd place for the year.  This tournament saw “Fireman” Bob Murphy on top of the leaderboard for the first time in some time now – I guess that rotator cuff surgery is paying dividends! – as he took 2nd place with a nice sack.  Mark Scocco is setting a torrid pace this year and, with his 3rd place finish, knocked Steve “Stinky” Rusert out of his 1st place perch.

Andy Karcich, finishing in 1st place, explains that:  “I focused on shallow fish that appeared to be guarding fry.  These fish seemed to be particularly aggressive.”

Finishing in 2nd place is our past President, Bob MurphyBob told me:  “I fished with Rich Gerken and our sweet spot yielded good fish.  I used a combination of Cabin Creeks and Chatterbaits.  We concentrated on long rock walls and I caught my fish shallow to just before the drop-off.”

Mark Scocco, our 3rd place finisher told me:  ”I pre-fished pretty hard for two days and had located fish still guarding beds although they already appeared to have spawned.  I had 50+ keepers in two days of practice on over 20 spots but the shallow bite was slowing and I only boated 12 keepers on tournament day.  My main pattern was to target specific 2 pound+ fish that I had caught on Thursday rather than go for numbers.  I boated three of my "targeted fish" to limit by 8:40am and then culled my way through a bunch of pound to pound and a half fish.  I used a white Baby Zoom Fluke and a Shad Assassin and every fish was caught in water 5' or less.”

Eddie Schickman returns to the top 5 by finishing in 4th place and he relates: 

Coming in tied for 5th place was John Ernest and Rich Gerken:  “Since I fished with Bob Murphy pretty much what Bob told you is what I did – I used small grubs and spiders and caught most of my fish shallow.  I worked long rock walls and found some good sized smallies on those rocks.”