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How do you spell Relief?  “It’s over 15 inches”


Scott Mitchell’s Hudson Run Pays Off

       Everyone knew that a July Hudson tournament would be tough, but the actual event was more like a nightmare. With a dozen anglers skunking and with no one bagging more than 3 bass, this tournament should definitely make the Top Ten Slim Pickings record book. And with air temps in the mid nineties (it was hotter on Friday) and water temps in the low eighties, the larger, 15 inch plus Hudson bass just would not cooperate. Whoever weighed in multiple keeper size bass are congratulated and whoever didn’t have no one to blame BUT THE RIVER and the 15 inch minimum rule. 

       Hudson veteran Scott Mitchell worked hard for three smallies caught in his favorite main river spot south of Roundout Creek. Scotty used Pop R’s and senkos and took First Place with only 5 pounds 15 ounces. Nice going Scotty, a win is a win and you earned it!

       Rookie Robert Curtis continues to perform like a Bergen veteran with two chunky largemouth bass at 4-11. For his 2nd Place showing, Robert worked weedline pockets with his favorite lure, a senko. Good Job!

       Off to a decent Bergen start, Kris Lechmann used a jig & pig to bag two keepers at 4-10. Just missing 2nd, Kris was happy to come in 3rd and credits his success to a few hours of pre-fishing time on Friday.

       Andy Karcich garnished 4th Place with two fine smallies weighing 4 pounds 6 ounces. Using trick worms, Andy primarily targeted main river weedlines.

       Fifth Place and Lunker honors go out to big fish specialist John Hayden. John’s one keeper, a 4-3 largemouth, fell for an old school 7 inch black power worm.

       On a positive note, many anglers who skunked actually caught quite a few 12 to 15 inch bass. Without the new rules we may seen quite a few limits. Perhaps after a few years, NY State may revert back to a 12 inch rule? In my opinion, bass tournaments should be exempt from this rule. Why…. because we release all bass anyway. Also, even though the fish count was low, water temps were very high and it was good to have a 100% survival rate.

       Next stop – Lake Hopatcong on August 23 from 4PM to midnight: Be sure to bring flashlights, extra batteries and extra clothing. Also, make sure that your running lights work and that you abide by the “no wake” speed limit after dark. This year, the Marine Police have been quick to issue tickets.