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Tournament Interviews


Tournament Interview

Greenwood Lake – July 18, 2009


Bill Vella receives “Algebra” lesson on Greenwood





      Greenwood Lake, great bass factory years ago, provided most Bergen members with some decent action on July 18th. Although only one bass exceeded four pounds, ten anglers caught their limit and no one actually skunked. Bill Vella boated 15 keeper size bass for the day. The weather was partly sunny with a light breeze and the boat traffic was typical for a Saturday. Fortunately, the Bergen Tournament missed most of the traffic madness by starting at 4AM and ending at noon. Most of the successful anglers managed to get in a least one pre-fishing trip.
Club veteran and prior Angler of the Year, John Ernest, was due for a win and because of a double penalty for two dead Billy bass, he backs into First Place with a nice 10-10 limit. John pre-fished once and owes his success to senkos worked tight to shore until the sun came up. He then backed off to deeper water and continued with decent senko action. John tried other lures but the senko pattern was the only one that worked for him.

      Greenwood aficionado and nearby resident, Steve Rusert, up to his old dock tricks nailed 2nd Place with a 3 chunky largemouth’s and 2 smallies at 10-09. Mellowing with age, Steve allowed Alan Goldman up front on numerous occasions. Perhaps Steve is running for Sportsman of the Year?

      Bill Vella, who pre-fished, but not recently, had a limit by 5:40AM. Billy fished in many areas but had most action up north. He used senkos, swim baits and landed his largest bass on a frog in the slop. His 10-14 bag was reduced to 10-06 and contained four largies and one smallie. Although mathematics reduced his weight, Billy takes over the number one Bergen Angler of the Year spot. Nice Going, Billy Bass!

      Our Bergen Snow Bird, Alvin Walters, bagged 5 keepers for a nice limit of 10-05. Alvin also boated the day’s lunker, a 4-02 largemouth. After little success with worms, Alvin switched to 6 inch senkos and tubes. For his 4th Place showing, he found active fish around shallow water rocks.    
      Scott Mitchell pre-fished one time and scored by swimming a jig in 2 to 3 feet of water. He boated over 10 keepers and his top five went 10-04. The mixed bag of largemouth and smallmouth at 10-04 earned him a 5th place finish. 
After four point tournaments, the Angler of the Year competition has tightened up with only 11 points separating first and sixth place. Next up is Candlewood Night and hot off his Greenwood win, John Ernest is looking to make a “Surge” from 7th Place. No doubt Bill Vella will once again forego sleep to get in some Candy pre-fishing time and ditto with the other contenders. Although the big Six Pound lunker pool was smashed by John Williams, a few hundred bucks remains in the current Six Pound Pool. The odds are good in landing a six pound largemouth or a five pound smallie at Candy, especially at 2AM on a Jim Logan Jitterbug.