a) Any member not under tournament suspension.
     b) Observers and life members may fish, but are eligible for lunker only.

     a) The drawing of boat numbers and partners will be done at the pre-determined meeting and
        handled only by the tournament committee.
     b) During the regular season, two anglers will not fish more than one tournament together unless
        no other options exist. If this case arises during a draw, the boater retains his boat number
        and another non-boater is drawn.
     c) Boater members paired with observers owning boats retain the right to use his own boat unless
        an agreement is made to use the observer's boat.
     d) Partner draws are final. No substitutions will be made for any reason. Anyone refusing to fish
        with his drawn partner will be disqualified from the tournament.

No boat will be allowed to participate unless first being inspected by a committee member for:
     a) Coast Guard approved life jackets for each angler.
     b) Livewells are empty and in working order.
     c) Running lights, if needed, are in working order.
     d) Each angler is responsible to have in possession a valid license for the state.

In order to qualify for use in a tournament, a boat must meet the following requirements:
     a) Have at least 1 working livewell and be capable of keeping 2 limits of fish alive.
     b) Must be 14' in length, trailered and powered by at least 25HP.
     c) Have a working kill switch to be used whenever the gas outboard is running.
     d) Must not be powered by an engine exceeding the maximum rating for the boat.

     a) Any entrant failing to show up for a tournament and fails to notify his partner and the tournament
        committee, shall be held liable for half his partners expenses for that tournament. Failure to make
        such payment will result in automatic club suspension until such payment is made.
     b) If a boater fails to show up, his non-boater partner will receive only his consolation points
        unless other arrangements are made.
     c) Excessive lateness and no shows may result in club probation and possible suspension.

     a) Each partner is entitled to half of the tournament time in selecting of fishing waters.
        The boater is not required to surrender operation of the boat.
     b) Each contestant is required to wear a chest type life preserver any time the combustion
         engine is in operation.

     a) Each partner is responsible for half of the operating expenses including gas to and from the site,
        tolls, launch fees, gas and oil for the boat.
     b) If a non-boater fails to make arrangements for payment, the boater must notify the tournament
        committee within 24 hours. The non-boater will be put on tournament suspension until payment is
     c) If the non-boater feels the boater is asking an unfair amount, he is to pay the amount and notify
        the committee within 24 hours. The committee will review the case and make ruling.

     a) Unless proposed by the tournament committee and ratified by the regular membership,
        there is no "off limits" before a tournament.
     b) Being on the site during an "off limits" period will result in an automatic disqualification.

     a) A six pound largemouth or five pound smallmouth qualify.
     b) If more than one fish qualifies, the fish most over the benchmark wins the pool.

     a) Each member must clear a livewell check and must check in at weigh-in to receive any points.
     b) An angler missing the AM blastoff must find a member in good standing and have his livewell
        checked PRIOR to fishing in order to be included in the tournament field. Until checked, no
        fish will be counted in the tournament.

     a) Official time will be announced at blast-off. Check-in time will be sharp according to official
        time. Lateness will be rounded UP to the next whole minute and penalty applied.
     b) Late penalty will be 1 (one) pound of weight per each minute late.
     c) Lateness of more than 10 minutes disqualifies an angler's catch. Only consolation points
        are awarded.
     d) Any angler not checking in at weigh-in will be disqualified and receive no points for the event.

     a) No fishing within 100 feet of an anchored tournament boat.
     b) No fishing within 50 feet of the tournament launch site.
     c) No one may leave the boat to catch or land a fish.
     d) Only one rod is to be used at one time.
     e) No natural bait is permitted.
     f) Trolling is not permitted.

Failure to abide by rules of sportsmanship will be reviewed by the tournament committee and a possible disqualification or penalty may result.

All state and federal laws and regulations on boating and fishing apply.

Use of Alcohol or drugs will result in disqualification.

No one will be permitted to fish alone without the permission of the tournament committee.

Any angler offering or accepting a fish to/from anyone else will be immediately disqualified. Club suspension follows until the case is reviewed by both the Executive and Tournament committees.

     a) All protests and reporting of rule infractions must be made verbally to the tournament
        committee within 30 minutes after weigh-in.
     b) Identity of protesting members will remain confidential.
     c) The accused party will be invited to state his case at the next tournament committee meeting.
     d) The tournament committee will review the protest, make all judgments and apply any penalties.

To fish the Classic, a member must be in good standing as outlined in the BY-LAWS. Space permitting, registered observers may fish the Classic at their own lodging and food expense (for lunker money only).

     a) All expenses will be split between drawn partners.
         1) Day 1 partners split travel to location.
         2) Day 2 partners split travel from location.
     b) On the water & launch expenses are split daily.
     c) Whatever the means of travel, an angler is in no way to split expenses with anyone other
         than his drawn partners.

     a) Scoring will be determined by creel weight.
     b) Fractions of ounces will be rounded down.
     c) Minimum length is 12 inches.
     d) A person with a fish in question of 12" (closed mouth, pinched tail) must ask for a courtesy
         check PRIOR to handing his bag to the weigh-in official. 12" fish count, shorts are returned
         to the water. Failure to announce a potentially short fish PRIOR to handing over your bag will
         result in a 1 pound penalty.
     e) A 2 oz. penalty will result for each fish brought to the weigh-in that is not to be released alive.
     f) Culling of a dead fish will result in an automatic disqualification.
     g) Each fish caught is considered to be in the angler's possession. Culling of fish is to be immediate.
         If at any time, other than culling, an angler is in possession of more than the legal limit,
         he will be disqualified and receives no points for the event.

     a) Year to date standings are based upon the total points accumulated for the points tournaments.
     b) All ties are broken by highest total weight.
     c) Final Tie Breaker is highest number of fish weighed-in.

     a) First place will receive 40 points.
     b) Places are counted down in one (1) point intervals.
     c) Four (4) consolation points will be awarded to those not weighing in fish.

     a) ANGLER OF THE YEAR (boater/non-boater): Awarded to the member compiling the
         most combined points for his category.
     b) HEAVIEST CATCH (boater/non-boater): The anglers weighing in the largest catch for his
         category in a regular points tournament.
     c) LUNKER OF THE YEAR: Awarded to member who weighed in the largest lunker in a
         regular points tournament.
     d) ROOKIE OF THE YEAR: Is awarded to the member fishing his first FULL season who
         accumulates the highest points total of all other rookies.
     e) MOST IMPROVED: Awarded to the angler the tournament committee feels has improved in
         ability and standing the most over the past season.
     f) SPORTSMAN OF THE YEAR: As voted on by the members.

These rules apply to all members and observers participating in Bergen Bassmaster's tournaments regardless of status or position and will be strictly enforced. The interpretation of these rules and selection of tournament sites and dates will be at the discretion of the tournament committee. The decisions of the committee will be final. These rules are subject to amendment at any time by the tournament committee and approved by the membership. Changes will be made to the membership in writing.

All contents created 1996 by Mark B. Scocco.