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Mark Scocco Fishing Unfamiliar Waters - Tips on Locating Bass on unfamiliar lakes and rivers. Don't just rely on "hot spots", follow these simple steps when going to a new body of water.
Mark Scocco Fishing Lk. Lillinonah, CT - Tips on the seasonal patterns for both largemouth and smallmouth bass on this impoundment on the Housatanic River Chain.
Jim Logan Rat Fishing for Bass - Jim provides his insight into fishing the "slop" using baits that skim the surface and provide heart-stopping topwater action.
Greg Trass Troubleshooting Tournament Bass - Greg Trass shares his experience of what tactics to take when preparing to fish a tournament.
Mark Scocco Fishing the Incredible Slug-go - Mark is deadly with a soft twitch bait. Here he gives tips on how to rig the bait, the proper equiptment, and how and where to use these versatile lures.
Bass Techniques Jig Fishing for Bass - An article from Bass Techniques magazine describes some tactics and tips for fishing jigs for bass.
Mark Scocco Lk Hopatcong - NJ's Best Bassin' - Mark Scocco highlights top patterns for bass on Lake Hopatcong, NJ's largest lake.
Nick Albano Topwaters on Crosswind Points - Nick Albano explains how to approach and fish windy points with topwater chuggers.
Mark Scocco Bass Fishing and the Internet - Mark explains how the Internet can help you to put more fish in the boat and be a better bass angler.
Bob Puente The Explosive Zara Spook - Bob explains how to fish this exciting topwater bait that produces big fish and explosive strikes.
Mark Scocco How to Winterize your boat - Mark reviews the proper procedues to take when preparing your boat for a long winter storage.
Mark Scocco How to properly store your gear for winter - Mark explains the attention that should be paid to properly storing that expensive fishing gear for the winter.
On the Trail What the Pros Look For in Practice - An article from On the Trail Magazine, Ken Cook describes what the pros look for when they practice for competition.

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